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There's a cricket up my skirt

By Tuesday, August 11, 2009 , ,

Saturday we took a big adventure up the coast. Our first stop was in Stinson Beach for a hike up and then down Mount Tamalpias. We’d done this hike once before and remembered how challenging it was right from the start. First you go up and up and up. And the second half is all down, which you think would be easier, but… all that pounding on the knees, feet sliding forward in the shoes and straining muscles to keep from running down out of control really works numbers on the body. Lukas ended up with 5 blisters between two toes and we are both still sore. But, it was beautiful and totally worth it.

Lukas quick stepping under a fallen tree.

After the hike we continued up the coast to Point Reyes National Seashore. The goal was to check out McClures Beach and a few other spots that looked like they could make for good picture taking. The day was hot, even when the fog rolled in. The walk back up to the car from the beach left us both sticky with sweat. So, we rolled down the windows as we drove across the country roads to the next spot – Chimney Rock.

We were talking and driving when out of the blue sky something flew across the inside of the car. With great skill, this “something”, hit Lukas in the face first then glanced off my face, hit my leg and fell to the floor. “Hey! What was that?!” Lukas exclaimed. “I dunno,” I responded, “But whatever it is, I think it’s down by my feet now.” Lukas proceed to glance at my feet and noted the crumbled McDonald’s hashbrowns wrapper there. “Must have been that,” he said. And we forgot all about it until…

Sunday we were back in the car heading over the hill to pick up my engagement ring. We had just pulled onto the freeway going south when something hopped on my bare leg. Yes, I was wearing the one and only short skirt I own. With a little squeal I quickly tossed whatever it was off my leg with the back of my hand. It went straight for Lukas who let out a surprised shout. Upon looking at it closer he identified the “something” as a cricket. “Gosh, Megan. It’s just a cricket. No need to get us killed. Keep driving.” And I did try my best to keep driving as the cricket proceeded to hop all over the front of the car landing on my legs numerous times. It was a tense couple miles.

Finally, of its own accord I hoped up on the side of the door. I could barely see it out of the corner of my eye. “There it is,” I told Lukas. “Well, roll down your window.” So I did and used the back of my hand to relocate the cricket to the outside of the car. The tension eased noticeably until…

I felt something crawling up my thigh. With attempted nonchalance I hurriedly swatted at my thigh. “There’s something else in the car,” I said trying to keep nerves out of my voice. Out of the corner of my eye I could see something hop here and there. Lukas confirmed that it was another cricket. Two crickets in one day?! Lukas tried to encourage it to hop out of the car, but finally he lost it. The rest of the way to Santa Cruz I kept envisioning it climbing up my skirt. What a day to choose to wear a skirt.

Unloading the car in Santa Cruz I found it hanging out on the back window. Had to get its picture before flicking it off into the bushes. Actually, it was pretty cool with its spotty markings – not at all like the boring dark crickets that you might buy at the pet shop. But, as cool looking as it was I did not want it hoping all over me when I was driving – ewww!

Hope you all had a great weekend. Mine was pretty adventurous.

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  1. Your cricket sure looks like a grasshopper to me. Don't think I'd like it hopping on me either!

  2. Yep, I think you're right about that.