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By Monday, August 31, 2009

Another list of randomness...

Recipes are written for a reason! At 7:30am, after a night of not much sleep, it is most utterly important to follow the recipe. When it calls for 1 chipotle pepper don't dump the whole can in without a thought to what it might do. Follow the recipe! {mouth on fire now!}

We've been having fun lately exploring the coast. Trips to Half Moon Bay have been fun. We've found a sinking boat, watched pelicans dive bomb for their dinners, and caught a couple spectacular sunsets.

Wedding planning is underway - fun but a little stressful. So much to get done!

Friday we're heading to Tahoe for the 3 day weekend. Yay! Here's hoping we catch some good weather for pictures and don't run into any bears in the moonlight.

Other little bits of my life...


  1. When spice is involved, definitly follow the recipe.