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a little extra fiber with your pesto?

By Friday, August 7, 2009

I need a new wooden spoon. A couple nights ago Lukas was helping me in the kitchen. While he put the groceries away I set to work stretching out the pizza dough and making the pesto. His mom has a CSA that she often shares with us and lately we’ve gotten a bunch of basil. Pesto is so simple – basil, garlic, parmesan, pinenuts… yummy!

I tossed the basil and garlic in the blender to get it all chopped up fine. Switched it on and watch the blades spin tossing the basil up into the top part of the blender without cutting it much. Stop, grab a spoon, push it all down and turn it on again. Seconds later I was repeating this routine. Five times through this little dance Lukas was done with the groceries and watching my ever slow progress.

“Here,” he said, hand out for my wooden spoon, “Let me.” So I handed him the spoon and flipped on the blender when he said go ahead. That is when he pushed the spoon into the blender to hold the basil down. The crunching, cracking sound that came next did not sound good. Quickly I stopped the blender and he pulled out the mangled spoon. Only about half of it remained attached to the handle.

We dumped the half chopped basil into a big mixing bowl and went on a hunt for the missing pieces of the spoon. As we got most of the big chunks out Lukas pieced it together to see how much was still missing in the way of tiny bits of wood. Only a couple centimeters worth. Added fiber, right?

Needless to say, after this episode Lukas ran with head hung in shame from the kitchen never to set foot in it again. {Ok, that’s not true, but he did get out of there pretty fast that night.} And, I am in need of a new wooden spoon.

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  1. Big deal! What we want to hear about is the new ring!

    Em's at our house and that's all we're interested in right now!