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Heather Ross is coming to Santa Cruz!!

By Thursday, August 20, 2009

Imagine my excitement when just the other day I clicked on a link that led me to Heather Ross's blog. I'd found it before, but for some reason it hadn't made it onto my google reader yet. {it's there now!} Well, I scrolled down the page and read this little line of text, almost hidden past a post on tamales, "I will be visiting Santa Cruz, California from Sept 2-10th." I did a complete double take, reread the paragraph looking for some fine print. The only catch, she will be at Hart's fabric on a Thursday afternoon and evening and I have to work. Book signing from 4-6pm and then a class from 6-8.

Well, I quickly got over the "catch". I can leave work early! I called up Harts and reserved my spot in the class. And I am excited! I've got a major crush on her fabrics and love my copy of Weekend Sewing.

So, if you're in the Santa Cruz area {or even over the hill like me} come see Heather Ross at Harts. She's also go a class the next week at The Crafters Studio in Santa Cruz.

image from Heather Ross.

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  1. Cute blog! So happy you found mine and left a post. I wanted to hop back to yours. You are an excellent photographer! Congrats on the engagement too!