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weekend review

By Sunday, July 12, 2009

Two day weekends always feel so much shorter when they are proceeded by a 3 day weekend. This weekend has gone especially fast since I've spent most of it sleeping. And boy did I need my sleep.

I got my workout in by the way of running around after Lukas. For the first time in ages we went up to Davenport for the sunset. It was not a relaxing trip. We hit up three different spots, rushing around to get it all in before the sun set. It was pretty spectacular though. I ran around in the sand, trying to catch up to the fast walking Lukas. Almost ate it on the water rocks and came back with half the beach in the folds of my pants.

When we got back I was beat. I took a little nap to hopefully get back to normal, but it was hopeless. Ten minutes into the movie we started I was down for the count. And I slept pretty solidly till 9:30 the next morning.

Today I had a little sewing party with a friend from college. I made the pillow case from Weekend Sewing. I think the dimensions are off a bit on it - maybe. Got to look up to see if there's an errata about it.

The other fun activity of the weekend was test driving sewing machines. Here's the one I think I want but got to do a little more shopping around.

Enough of this rambling post!

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