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Monday, Monday

By Saturday, July 4, 2009

Monday morning I was running late.  I was late getting out the door.  The train was late getting into the station.  I had to run to the post office to send off a package before heading into work - making me even later.  And then to top it off I HAD to stop in at Starbucks for a coffee - 5:30am swim practices have been getting the better of me.  

To say the least I was feeling a bit frazzled when I stepped into Strabucks.  I was happy to notice that there was only one person in line in front of me.  I glanced at the treats behind the counter.  Thinking maybe I'd get a bagel, but seeing those were all gone. 

Wow, I thought, that guy in front of me is big.  A split second {I mean this literally} after this thought went through my head my eyes got wide and I recognized the man standing there - Randy Johnson, pitcher on the Giants.  His nickname... The Big Unit - yeah I'd say it's fitting.  I'm pretty sure I got this goofy smile on my face.  There was none of the usual second guessing that usually accompanies a celebrity sighting.  I knew immediately that guy was Randy Johnson.  It couldn't have been anyone else.  

I debated asking for his autograph for Lukas, but everyone was leaving him alone.  I didn't want to be a bother so I followed their example.  Instead, I took detailed mental notes on everything he did.  Here's the run down.

He asked for a glazed, old-fashioned donut.  Smiled when he said, "Got to get my breakfast of champions."  Then he put cream in his coffee and sat down to read the paper.  

I'm sure you really wanted to know Randy Johnson's Starbucks routine.  

I left in a hurry to get to work, hoping Lukas would be up and online so I could tell him all about it.  Gosh, he took forever to get up Monday morning!  Well, maybe he didn't and I was just anxious to tell him my exciting story.  Oh it was so cool! 

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  1. Yay! I love celebrity sightings! We saw Charlize Theron the other night. She yelled at my friend. It was awesome.

  2. What? Totally not mad at you! Was I being a bridezilla at the moment? Hope you are having a fabulous day, I'm off to make some chicken. Wish me luck!

  3. first of all: i love starbucks.
    second of all: i love baseball.
    third of all: that means i love your story. :)
    and i love your blog!! im off to explore some more!