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By Tuesday, July 28, 2009 , ,

My phone was ringing off the hook yesterday at work. Mostly it was Comcast calling to ask if I still needed them to come out. My internet went out over the weekend and I'd scheduled an appointment for Thursday for them to come fix it. So first they called to ask if they still needed to come and then again to see if I wanted to schedule a sooner appointment. (They ended up coming yesterday and I'm up and running again... but that is not the point of this story.)

The third time my phone rang it was my dad. "Hi Megs," he said. "I'm leaving in a couple minutes to come down there." I was quite puzzled. #1 - my dad lives 6+ hours away from me #2 - I hadn't heard anything about my dad coming down here. So I asked, "Come where?" thinking that maybe he had my confused with someone else. "In a few minutes I'm heading down to Long Beach," he said. "And stopping at Matt's for the night." {my brother who lives in San Jose.} Cool! A surprise visit from my dad. It was my excitement for Monday.

He got in around 7:30 - brought me my bike. I'm talking myself into riding to swimming in the morning. Is it to sketchy to ride half asleep in the mostly dark? We went out to sushi and had fun working out some logic problems.

As a kid growing up my dad would always have logic problems for us to do. I remember learning how to work them out. And weekends spent at the kitchen table working out puzzles made out of cereal boxes - easy ones for my little sisiter, harder ones for me and Matt. One of those things that makes my dad my dad.

In sewing news, I put together the pillow top for one of the couch pillows I'm making. I was worried about the fabrics I choose for the off-centered log cabin. Not quite sure if they went together. But now seeing them together I'm really liking it. What'd ya think?

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