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By Wednesday, July 1, 2009

The days just seem to pass quickly by.  Already it's been almost 4 months since I moved and started this new job.  I have all these half written posts floating around in my head.  Just to get them out, here they are in list form...

::woodies on the wharf was fun.  Such pretty, old cars made my eyes go all googly-eyed.  Thanks to harsh, hazy light Lukas let me take over the camera.  I happily snapped away before it got too hot and too crowded.

::humans are a unique breed.  The other day in the city I saw a guy on rollerblades.  Now this is not that odd of a sigh except that this rollerblader was wearing cut off jean shorts, a jeans jacket and an Indiana Jones hat.  Oh, I just couldn't help but smile.  

::had to smile too at the guy that rode by on a bike the other day with a toaster oven strapped to the back.

::in garden related news... the strawberry plant is covered in berries that are covered in a hard fuzzy grey shell.  What's up with that?  The little tomatoes are growing and I still have yet to kill the watermelon plant. 

::sewing projects are starting to stack up.  Here's what's on tap if I ever find the time...
- filter case for Lukas - pillow case {much needed} - lunch sack

::That's it... I think... The End! 

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  1. aaaah, aren't lists a wonderful thing :o)

    lovly and interesting shot...