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settling in

By Saturday, April 18, 2009

And just like that... it has been a month since I started my new job.  I was actually quite surprised when I realized this the other day.  Days at work have fallen into a good routine.  Mornings I try to go jogging - mostly not talk myself out of going when the alarm goes off.  And when I do go, although I find it dreadfully boring, I feel much better.  I miss my little run by Lukas's house in the mountains.  City running just isn't the same.  

I like getting ready in the quite mornings.  Watering my little vegetable garden and eating my breakfast in the semi dark.  Then I walk to the train station.  Some mornings I pick up the free San Mateo paper, but most times I just enjoy the ride into the city with my thoughts and a little people watching.  

At work, I settle in while drinking my tea getting ready for the day.  And each day is a little different.  All my time is spent in front of the computer and each day I am learning.  The best days are when I learn the most and am challenged to think critically.  I must admit 8 hour days, 5 days a week is a lot of work and I am happy to head home at the end of each.  

I'm learning how to cook on my wonky electric stove.  Most of the burners don't sit flat, they heat up so slow and then don't cool off very fast either.  I've boiled over a couple pots - big mess!  But, I also have been building my "repertoire".  Or as Lukas would say, when the dinner's not a flop, "That's one in the bag!"  

Things I'm loving so far...
commuting on the train - yay for no driving
fresh framer's market veggies
having a place of my own
my little vegetable garden - the peas have just started to come up

Other little bits of my life...