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6 years

By Sunday, April 19, 2009

Yep, hard to believe but today's the day that marks SIX years.  I typed out 6 there just so you wouldn't think that it was a typo or something.  

It all started six years ago at Cal Poly.  Lukas was the cute boy that lived 2 floors above me in the dorms.  I had the hugest crush on him.  I mean HUGE.  And he didn't notice me {at least not yet}.   Proof of this... at a birthday dinner for a mutual friend I made a point to "accidently" sit next time.  We ordered the same exact thing and yet, he didn't even look twice in my direction.  But he eventually woke up and I claimed him as mine.  

Through our years at Cal Poly we made dinners together, went to Another Type of Groove, had fun falling in love.  {sweet and sappy, I know}

To celebrate, we're taking the train into the city.  Do a little exploring, watch a little baseball... fun stuff.  

Happy 6 years handsome man!

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