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I got me a card

By Tuesday, April 28, 2009

A library card that is.  There is a branch of the San Francisco Public Library just across the street.  I walk by it every morning and evening and it's been calling my name.  Libraries are such great places because they're full of... books.  Yeah, I'm a sap for books.  

So today on my lunch break I ran across the street and stepped inside the little library.  I filled out the application only to find out that I'd be only allowed to check ONE book out.  Gosh darn not thinking to bring in something that confirms my local address.  But, by this time tomorrow I'll have fixed that.  

This was a cozy little library with lots of light.  The children's lit section was just as large as the rest of the sections combined.  But, I was able to find a book to check out.  And I learned that I can request books at this location from the other branch locations - super cool!  I've already got my name down for a cookbook.  I'll have to see what else I want to check out. 

I checked out "Water for Elephants", by Sara Gruen.  It sat on my desk until the end of the day when I scooped it up as I ran out the door - not missing my train.  On the ride home I devoured the first chapter.  I'm serious!  Even from the first couple sentences I knew I was going to enjoy this book.  Gruen's writing style is clever and descriptive.  Through the first chapter the protagonist reminded me of my grandfather, who was a writer and had a similarly dry way of writing.  As I read the first chapter I kept thinking, this could have been written by my grandpa.  It put a smile on my face to think of him.  

I'm excited to have a library card, excited to have a new pager turner to read.  

{happy tuesday!}

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  1. I think I devoured that entire book faster then any other- it is such a good read!