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More creativeness in the kitchen and apartment pictures

By Saturday, April 4, 2009

I am beginning to settle into my new place. {pictures at the bottom of this post}  I having been finding my routine - up at 7, out the door by 8:15, on the train at 8:35 and to work by 9.  For the first week I didn't do much in the morning pre-work, just took my time getting ready and waking up.  Then, this week I decided I'd been lazy long enough.  Really, I'd let my exercising go by the wayside.  And I think my energy level was suffering for it.  So, Tuesday-Thursday I fit a 20min jog into my morning routine.  It was great and refreshing.  

Friday morning I skipped on the jog to get a challa started.  I pulled out my ingredients, reread my cryptic directions I'd copied before from my mom over the phone.  And then I came to a hitch.  No microwave yet!  {But I've got one coming.  It's for my bday (yesterday), but I'll get it in May.}  How was I going to melt the butter?  First I tried a plate on top of a pot of boiling water, but it didn't really get hot and would have been a pain to deal with melted butter on top.  My brilliant idea came next... Pyrex measuring cup hung of the side of the pot of boiling water into the water.  And it worked!  

I was afraid that the apartment would be too cold for the bread to rise.  So, I turned the heat up and left it in the bedroom with the door closed.  But since it got so toasty in the kitchen, before I left I moved it back to the counter.  I came home to find it had risen nicely.  This was my best challa yet!

Now... on to a few pictures of the apartment.  Not the most exciting and the walls could use something on them, but for now they'll do.

living room - Ikea couch w/"ugly" blanket, $10 solid-wood "tv stand"

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  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! sorry, no card in the mail- i'm a dork. :(

    i love your new apartment- and i love that blanket. can't wait to see how you start to "fill in" the emptiness.