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another one in the bag

By Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Dinner tonight was a winner.  It's so nice when they come off well.  The last new meal I tried, not so much.  It had sounded so good in my head - chicken in a lime-ginger marinade {just kinda made it up with what I had} over rice with bell pepper.  It was missing something on the flavor side of things.  And I've come to the decision, I don't really think I like lime on chicken.  But lime in popsicles... margaritas - bring it on!

Back to dinner tonight... we had spinach black olive enchiladas and boy were they yummy.  I used this recipe as my inspiration, but really they're super simple.
Here's what I did:
Preheat oven to 375 {I accidently turned it up to 475 but noticed before I put them in}
In a sauce pan: Melt a little butter and heat up a couple cloves of chopped garlic {olive oil would work better here, less burning of the butter}
add a couple big handfuls of fresh spinach {yay, farmer's market!}
remove from heat and add a cup each of ricotta and shredded jack cheese

into warmed tortillas spoon some of the mix, throw in some sliced olives and roll up
place seem side down in baking dish
cover with enchilada sauce and more jack cheese

bake until bubbly and starting to get crispy
and... ENJOY!  

And what make this dinner extra special, I got to use my "new" baking dish - a $3 find at goodwill.  

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