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summer rain :: geranium dress

By Tuesday, July 16, 2013 , ,

What does one do when one's husband is off for the weekend having manly photography adventures?  {i.e. driving long distances, forgoing showering and being eaten alive by mosquitoes} Well, if that one is me... I choose to sew.  And that's just what I did.

With a present I've been meaning to make for almost a year now in mind, I visited the funky fabric shop just a few minutes from my house.  It's filled with an assortment of bolts from popular designers.  The shop itself is connected to the San Francisco Quilt Collaborative {QuiltWorks Collaborative} and all the proceeds go to that charitable, quilting organization.

The nicest woman helped me with my purchases.  And I happily shared a little math knowledge - how to calculate the price of 1 and a third yards of fabric the easy way.  Fabric, ribbon, pipping and buttons all came home with me.  It was just what I needed for another Geranium Dress.

I chose to go a couple sizes bigger and it was a good thing I did.  After making great progress with the bodice and the skirt I stalled on the gathering and attaching and button hole-ing.  Yet, it only took a few hours this past weekend to finish it all up.  Here's hoping it still will fit the little girl.

A note on one thing I would change... I thought I was being smart by adding the horizontal pleats and ribbon before putting the skirt pieces together.  I see now, that wasn't the way to go.  Still, they almost all match up and I love the extra detail.

a little bit of :: the details
     pattern :: Geranium Dress
     size :: 2T
     fabric :: Summersault + faux bois from The Woodlands {I won ages ago}

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  1. The little girl who gets that gorgeous dress will certainly love it!

  2. Awesome sewing! I wish I was that talented at sewing!

    1. thanks! it just takes a little practice and some attention to detail. :) you could do it too!

  3. What a beautiful dress! I love all the details you added. What a talented seamstress you are! Fiona

  4. The dress is gorgeous. Love the fabric and the details!