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By Monday, July 22, 2013

This week ...

:: we stayed up "late" since Lukas had school and didn't need to wake up as early.

:: I cooked just enough Flay beef for one night and that was good.

:: we savored Mexican Ice Cream pops.  I'm lucky Lukas doesn't care for the coconut ones.

:: I gifted this little dress which was well received - yay!

:: I had lunch with good friends.  It's the best way to break up a Friday-workday.

:: Lukas photographed the Bay Bridge fading into fog in the early morning.

:: we endured the heat for an awesomely fun wedding.

:: we caught an open house and ran the numbers.

:: we laughed at comedians in cars getting coffee and drunk history {the best is 'The Night Before Chirstmas'}

Other little bits of my life...


  1. Hey that's my head!!! Great to see you Megan and glad to hear everything is going well with ya! Hope to not let another 7 years go by before I see you again!