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By Tuesday, July 9, 2013 ,

I discovered this online, fabric filled quilt design tool when they hosted a design contest with Heather Ross {my fabric designer crush!}.  And though I didn't get my act together to submit a quilt design I did join Threadbias.  And then I learned about their next design contest using a new line of fabric - Wallflowers.  

I got my act together {read: spent way too much time playing quilt designer} and came up with 'Stars of the Garden'.  Designing has got to be one of the best parts of the quilting process.  That, and choosing fabrics {but those go hand-in-hand}.  

You can see all the fun quilts right here on the contest page.  And voting opened on Monday.  Feel free to join Threadbias and vote for your favorite quilt design.  Their quilt design tool is fun to use.

Happy sewing!

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