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flowers for Aviela :: geranium dress

By Tuesday, July 2, 2013 , ,

"I'm going to need to hold her," I told Miriam while we were at work one day.  And I told her again at the baby shower.  I was surprised a few days later with an email saying she had arrived - a little early but all were healthy and happy.  And to think, just the morning before Miriam was in the office smiling and chatting and completely hiding any signs of being in the beginning stages of labor - which she was!

When I asked if I could visit a week later, Miriam laughed.  "Of course.  You have mentioned you would like to carry her."  And I did.  A sweet, tiny little one who slept in my arms.  Everything so unbelievably tiny and yet perfectly formed.  Pursed bud lips, dark hair, long lashed eyes that were closed.  Just content to be held.  She woke with whimpers and was passed to her mother for a feeding.  I made friends with the new big brother.  We looked out the big windows for ships in the bay.  He showed me how he could be a Giants player with our made-up version of baseball.  A red rubber ball bounced back and forth.

Before I left I held the baby once more.  This time her eyes were open.  So shiny, like little mirrors reflecting the smile coming from my heart.  She beamed up at me.  I could have held her all day.

a little bit of :: the details
pattern :: Geranium Dress
size :: 6-12 months
fabric :: unknown calico + Quilter's Kitchen Collection - creamy polka dot {used in my wedding dress}

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  1. Another gorgeous geranium dress! Babies are just so precious!

  2. The fabric is amazing! Should try this pattern for my two girls. :)

  3. Reading this 3 years and 3 months later has brought tears to my eyes. What a coincidence that I am reading it two days after your very own baby girl arrived.
    Congrats Megan,
    I love you.