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chasing fog :: Lady Bird Johnson Grove

By Thursday, July 11, 2013 , , , , , ,

We headed north for the long weekend - towards lazy days with my parents and early mornings spent chasing fog in the redwoods.  First, we had to brave hot driving conditions {the a/c only works sporadically} and crowded roads {looking at you, Willits!}.  But we made it to cooler climates by early afternoon.  Our laid-back Independence Day celebrations were just our speed - grilled hot dogs and corn on the cob.  Two beers shared among four people - clearly we're not party animals.

The next morning, in the grey light of dawn, we drove further north.  My bum {but on-the-mend} leg and Lukas's hopes for foggy redwoods led us to Lady Bird Johnson Grove.  We turned off 101 and came around a bend in the road.  "Bear," I said.  There, about 20 yards in front of us, was a small black bear nosing in the bushes at the side of the road.  Lukas grabbed his camera but the bear had ambled away.

Driving up to the trail head, it seemed like we drove right out of the fog.  But as we walked down the easy 1-mile loop we found the fog playing in the trees.  My pace was slow and punctuated by rest stops at each bench along the path.  Lukas was happy trying to capture the sun rays on the hazy fog.

That morning we searched for elk too.  They evaded us though - a herd of elk relaxing on private property and a few way off in the distance.  We headed home after that.  Home to a nap, Shabbat dinner and a game of gin rummy.  {Lukas kicked our butts.}

We reprised our redwood adventures the following day.  The fog looked even more promising, but we ended up chasing it.  Off the freeway at Prairie Creek a group of young male elk were enjoying their breakfast.  From the car we watched them munch their way along the grass near the onramp.  I may have squealed when one crossed the road just an arms {or antlers} reach from the car.

We drove around and around hunting the fog but ended up back on the road to Lady Bird Johnson Grove.  At one point the light around us was surprisingly blue - imagine the intense pre-sunset, orange light except this was blue.  Erie when paired with foggy, lichen covered trees.

We played croquette in the afternoon.  Somehow, with a streak of great shots, my mom beat us all.  I brought up the rear and enjoyed the course from various lawn chairs scattered across the yard.  We stayed through dinner of pesto macaroni and roasted orange cauliflower.  {the cauliflower was orange colored, not roasted with the citrus fruit... hmmmm, would that be good?}

Driving back in the evening was much cooler and without traffic congestion.  We marveled at the golden hour light we don't usually see on this stretch of 101.  A long weekend enjoyed.  The next week has already begun.

L :: credit Lukas Wenger Photography

a little bit of :: the numbers
     bears seen :: 1
     baby deer seen :: 3
     hot dogs grilled :: 14
     surprising croquette wins :: 1 {goes to Mom!}
     gin rummy games lost to Lukas :: 2
     brain quest questions asked :: 50+ {we kinda dominate 7th grade}

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  1. just gorgeous megan! and a very entertaining recap. i bet it felt good to be "home".

    1. Thanks Em! It was so nice to be 'home'. :)