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I garden {?}

By Saturday, May 14, 2011

Welcome to the 2011 edition for Megan's attempt to make a garden. Better late than never, right?

Just the other weekend I took the garden back from the weeds that had taken over since I stopped paying attention to it - almost a year ago. Last year yielded a handle of peas and that was about it. Well, that and the lettuce did fine until the summer heat wilted it and it all turned to seed. Imagine my surprise though as I tried to conquer the earth again to find more peas and some carrots. Happy little volunteers. So encouraged I finished weeding and then didn't do anything for another couple weeks.

Finally though, last weekend I got up the gumption and spent the entire day working outside and planting. Into the ground went strawberries, dahlias, a tomato, lemon cucumber, water mellon, garlic, beans and peas. I've got little starter pots that will hopefully sprout basil, lettuce, more tomatoes and some cucumbers too. Fingers crossed!

Now... a little garden tour

P.S. Lukas got a new camera. It's big, it's fancy and I've got a lot to learn if I even want to be good at using it.

P.P.S. Off to cook some yummy food to bring to this little family. Can't wait to meet the littlest one - she looks too cute for words.

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