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making :: morning walk dress

By Tuesday, May 31, 2016 , , ,

morning walk dress :: tank-style jersey dress

A year ago this month, I made my first tank-style jersey dress {Sunday safari} as part of the knit challenge hosted by Rachel from Stitched In Color. It's crazy to realize that was a full year ago now. Some things have definitely changed since then - most notably, my current baby belly won't be fitting into that dress. The garden has expanded and is further along than it was in those one year old pictures. {garden tour update coming soon!} Yet, even though this current dress might have taken me months and months and months to complete, what remains the same is how simple it is to sew - especially compared to how polished the end product looks.

I sewed this version up for my friend Sam. She picked out the fabrics last year and I got to cutting way back in September. And then, as things do, my sewing mojo stalled. I finally found inspiration to get this dress done by making a deal with myself... no other sewing until the dress was done. Really, I need to get going on sewing for baby so that was great motivation. {Yet, I found myself sewing for me instead of baby the moment this dress was done. Oops!} 

Sam came to visit at just the right time for her to try it on. Good thing too since (1) the skirt was attached to the bodice in exactly the wrong place and (2) it was going to be too tight on the hips. Crisis adverted and a few quick changes later, plus hemming and thread trimming, and it's done! Now I've just got to get it in the mail to her. Hopefully that doesn't take as long as the sewing portion took. 

Pattern :: self-drafted similar to my Sunday Safari Dress
:: Morning Walk Mojave Knit in Aloe by Leah Duncan
:: Laguna Cotton Jersey Knit in Navy by Robert Kaufman

the little details :: binding
tank dress in morning walk

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