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wip :: 23sep2015

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wip :: in the sewing basket
in the sewing basket

My sewing basket is a vintage-style picnic basket complete with the red gingham lining and wicker all around.  It works well to have everything I'm working on tucked neatly away inside - safe from curious kitties.  Plus, it's easily portable around the house.

This week in the sewing basket...

:: Tank Dress for Sam - I've started cutting and stitching. A saved bit of salvage for a tag on the backside, I think. Just a little something to distinguish the back from the front.
:: Everyday Skirt - I started cutting this out a long, long time ago and am more than ready to have it done. I'm excited about the teal pipping and the surprise pocket lining.

wip :: in the sewing basket
top of the tank dress

I wanted to share these process shots too. In the earlier morning, before work I pull out my sewing basket. The morning pictured, I worked on the final touches for the tank dress pattern - adding the seam allowance and cutting it out. The overly warm living room lights made for a wonky white balance but it wasn't anything converting to black and white wouldn't fix. Plus, just maybe, the mood is better captured this way.

Part of what I enjoy about following various quilting and sewing blogs (and now on instagram too) are the glimpses of the process that goes on behind creating a finished product. The design, the color-play, the care taken with each step along the way. Seeing those things conveys just how special a hobby can be.  "Hobby" seems like such a mediocre term, but the pictures tell the story a little bit better.

the process :: early morning
the process - tank dress

And last, but not least... just a quick share of my latest finish...

drawstring bag swap
drawstring bag swap

I participated in the drawstring bag swap on Instagram and sewed up this lined bag for my partner.  I had so much fun selected fabrics I hoped she would like.  And then filling the bag with little treats.  I even got a chance to practice my hand-lettering - though I don't think the cute orange ribbon made it all the way through the mail.  (The backwards, RAISE HELL, is a temporary tattoo!)

...bits of random

:: struggling with the 100 push-ups app, therefore repeating a week... but still doing it!
:: the mums planted out front are just about ready to bloom - it must be fall.
:: working on finding a weekend rhythm that includes prepping for dinners throughout the week.  I was successful on Sunday and my future-self was grateful.

Other little bits of my life...


  1. I love the colors, patterns, and things inside the drawstring bag. Pretty cute!
    It's so fun hearing about your sewing adventures. It makes me want to sew!
    And, great photos, as usual.