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wip :: 02sep2015

By Wednesday, September 2, 2015 , , , ,


September is sewing month and I'm inspired to get sewing!  And now that I've got the movie from our Norway trip done (post coming later this week) I'll have time to focus on that mile long to-sew list.  Above are the fabrics Sam picked out for a tank dress.  That's on the top of the list seeing as how (1) it was requested ages ago and (2) summer is quickly disappearing, ah!

Also on the list for this month... finishing a skirt I started cutting out earlier this year and maybe one of those partially done quilts I've got laying around.

...bits of random
:: watching old clips of Don Rickles on Johnny Carson
:: adjusting to evenings that Lukas has school
:: harvesting from the end of summer strangling garden
:: daydreaming about backpacking
:: on week 4 of the 100 push-ups and 200 sit-ups aps  

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  1. I bet you'll get a lot of sewing done on Lukas' school nights. Have fun!

    1. The possibilities are endless with all the extra time. :-)