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By Friday, January 9, 2015 , ,

This tree, and many others that line this road, is scheduled for removal tomorrow.  Each morning I walk past it on my way around the corner to the bus stop.  Right now, the branches are mostly bare and a few leaves remain scattered on the ground.  This fall though, the sun angle was just right to light the red, yellow, green leaves up as if on fire.  They danced in the morning breezes and shimmered.  And I smiled each time I turned the corner.  So big, so beautiful.  Yet, you can see, even here that the roots are doing their damage.  The city is replacing the trees removed with others but it won't be quite the same.  I'm glad, that even without knowing it would be the last fall with these trees, I took the moments in the morning to drink in their glory.  Tomorrow... goodbye.

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