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the Pioneer Woman came to town

By Wednesday, February 9, 2011

When I found out the Pioneer Woman was coming to San Francisco for a book signing I was super excited. I hurriedly told my friend Emily who was just as excited. The day came so quickly and Emily ended up having to do her clinical rotation {gosh darn nursing school getting in the way of fun} instead of joining me and the hordes of PW fans at Books, Inc. Then Lukas put in a bid for husband of the year and volunteered to go with me. {you'll see later, that while I am grateful to him for going with me, we may be even in the brownie points}

I came home from work a little early and we swung by Barnes & Nobel to pick up a copy of The Pioneer Woman Cooks. I got to use my nifty Groupon - those things are fun. Then it was off to the city for the rest of evening.

We pulled into the parking garage connected to the plaza with the book store - $2/20 minutes! I don't think so! So we drove directly across the street for a better deal of $2/1 hour. And what do you know... we were there over 4 hours. Wow! Ok, maybe Lukas still deserves some major brownie points.

We waited and waited. Then Ree showed up and declared that she needed to use the restroom. And a little more waiting and waiting she came back out and chatted with the group. {group=lots and lots and lots of women who knew just about every detail about her} Ree was cute, sweet, personable, funny. After the Q&A we did lots more waiting for her to sign my cook book. As the time crept past 10pm I started to worry about the parking garage that would close a 11pm.

But no need to worry. At 10:35 we were finally next in line. Then in a quick blur of a minute Ree signed my book. Took a picture with me that she totally wasn't ready for because she was signing my book. Asked me where we were from, told Lukas he rocked for coming with me {may be those weren't her words}. I told her thank you and that was it. It wasn't till I was home that I remembered I'd wanted to tell her she'd picked our kitten to feature on her blog. And that she'd also chosen some of Lukas's photographs too. Oh well, I had been star struck.

Oh, and the reason why Lukas and I just might be even in the brownie points? While waiting for Ree to speak Lukas texted Emily's husband Zach. Zach responded by asking what led Lukas to offer to come with me. When Lukas replied that it was a momentary lapse of judgement Zach reminded him that "Well, Megan does watch MMA with you". Still, I think waiting over 4 hours to meet the Pioneer Woman probably puts Lukas ahead in the brownie points.

Lukas's favorite part of the night? Ree's marriage tip that you should give your husband lots of foot rubs.

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