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wheel of fortune!

By Wednesday, February 23, 2011

How do you play a family game with all your kids even when one of them is living half way around the world? Through Skype of course! Shawna may live in Israel, but that doesn't mean she can't get in on the weekend fun.

My brother, Matt, recently won an iPad. How cool is that?! And we all had fun playing with it over the weekend at my parents' house. Matt had an iPhone too which allowed Shawna to join us on a couple walks - all from the comfort of her room in Israel.

But, what takes the cake in fun use of cool technology was playing Wheel of Fortune with Shawna on Matt's iPad. Shawna was on Skype on my dad's computer. On the screen she was almost life-sized. My dad held the iPad up for her to take her turn. We all laughed as she reached out a finger and pretended to spin the wheel.

One more quick little story to relate. When Matt handed my mom his iPad for the first time her first comment was to note the finger prints and say, "It's kinda dirty isn't it?" Nothing to say about how cool this little piece of technology is. Well, later she did but we all had a good laugh about that one.

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  1. just like your dad to find a way to get you all together! that's awesome.

    those ipads are amazing. i had a dream recently where i realized i just NEEDED one. but in reality, i don't even have a cell phone. hah!

    love em

  2. megs, nice to see that you got some great shots of that on your blog. it was lots of fun and i can't wait until the next time. love, aba