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By Saturday, August 28, 2010 , ,

"It still ok that we come next weekend?" Ileana asked me over the phone. "What do you mean 'still ok'?" I asked back. Sure she'd mentioned they might come up later this summer, but we hadn't talked on a date. So, I was a little surprised but most super duper excited. "Of course you can come!" And so, they did.

They came Friday evening bearing pizza and wine. Yum! We had a blast chatting, drinking wine and singing along while the guys took turns on the guitar - we're dorks like that.

Then in the morning we upped our dorky-ness level with a trip to the California Academy of Sciences. It's fun to do things with out of town guests that we just wouldn't do otherwise. We took in the displays on global warming and measured our carbon footprint. Then we watched the planetarium show which was great even if it did have cheesy narration by Whoopi Goldberg.
We got to tour three levels of rainforest and see snakes {ew!}, lizards, pretty little birds, and graceful butterflies.
Then, after carefully checking to make sure we didn't have any hitch hiking butterflies riding on us, we took the elevator down to the aquarium. We moved from one window to the next taking in all the fishes and sea life. It was pretty spectacular.
Thanks for the fun visit Ileana and Hans! Come back soon!

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