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new pillow

By Sunday, August 22, 2010 , , ,

Boring blog title I know, but coming up with titles isn't easy all the time. Anyways... just wanted to share the new pillow I made for the sewing room couch.

I was completely inspired by this pillow that I received during the pillow talk swap. {That pillow may or may not have inspired the purchase of this couch too.} Either way, I do have a major soft spot for Denyse Schmidt's Hope Valley fabric. I've even used it for my month of the Tethered Threads Block Party.

Ok, back to the pillow at hand. It was fun to take my time and the attention to the small details paid off in the end. Everything is in the details. I drew out the star as a paper pieced pattern - tricky! And now I'm wishing I scanned it into the computer before I sewed and chopped it up. Lukas helped me design the quilting and I really like how that part turned out.

Now I'm off to sew some napkins and stop procrastinating by writing this blog.

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  1. I wish someone would write my blog titles for me! That pillow is really beautiful, great color combination!

  2. It looks great!! I'm so glad the original pillow has given you so much inspiration! Who knew? lol!