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a little baseball in the summer

By Friday, August 27, 2010 ,

The San Francisco Giants started doing dynamic pricing this year where ticket prices fluctuate based on demand. So, for the price of a standing room only ticket to a game verses the Dodgers we got to sit two rows behind the Giants' bullpen mound. Pretty sweet if you ask me!

We got there early hoping to catch the Giants batting practice but we just saw Cincinnati instead. Then, right before the game started Matt Cain came and warmed up right in front of us. Seriously, soooo close. I was hoping to get my hat signed, but thought I'd be to shy to ask. Turns out he had his game face on so there wasn't even the opportunity for me to pester him. We got to see Buster Posey, Pat Burrel, and Aubrey Huff up close too. Gosh, I sound like a little girl gushing about famous people.

It was a fun game and perfect baseball watching weather. Didn't even need to put on my coat all game.

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