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By Sunday, August 1, 2010

:: Another successful trip to the flea market. We're three for three, but I better not say anything. Wouldn't want to jinx our flea market mojo. Today's find was this super sweet sewing table. Ok, it's not necessarily a "sewing table" but that's what we've made it. {we=me} I love it!

:: On the topic of sewing, I've gotten to do a little bit this weekend. Pictures to come when I actually finish something. But I have been working on a new pillow for the couch. And the list of projects to come is long. I could seriously use at least 5 more weekends right in a row.

:: And on the topic of weekends... no work the next day means it's ok to stay up late and see one of your favorite bands play. We had a fun night out across the bay. We bought their new CD that we actually had already gotten as a download, but the real thing is much better. And it's signed!
:: Oh and last week I got the best peaches at TJ's. Seriously so good that I carried one to work in my hand. I was too afraid it would get smashed if I put it in my bag. Then, I waited, with it sitting on my desk, till one o'clock. Oh boy was it good. Mmmmm... need to get more of those peaches.

:: The end. Happy Weekend!

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  1. DUUUDDEEE! You guys find the cutest stuff at this amazing flea market. We have GOT to go with you next time!!

  2. Did that table come painted like that or did you paint it? I love the color of those legs! What a great sewing table.