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summer grilling

By Friday, July 2, 2010 ,

This has become a favorite recipe of ours. But the little mustard grains love the pop and splatter and just generally make a mess of the kitchen. And even when I do remember to use the splatter screen they just make it incredibly hard to clean. Plus they really like to stick to the pan. So, although the kebabs are tasty they're quite a pain to clean up.

Enter the grill... no splattered mess, easy clean up, and just as tasty. The one draw back here? We're not so pro at getting the coals going and this makes dinner tend to run later. But then again, we tend to have a late dinner anyways.

I though I'd try the broccolini on the grill too. Didn't quite work - the fronds got too dry, but still tasted yummy. And certainly looked pretty cooking up. I just had to grab the camera and take the picture.

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  1. I read that you can steam veggies on the grill by putting them in a pouch of aluminum foil along with a few ice cubes. The ice cubes melt and then vaporize and keep everything moist. I haven't tried that, though... we usually have salad when we grill.