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By Sunday, July 25, 2010

Well, we did it. I like to say "we", but Lukas did all the hard work. Taking the pictures, processing the pictures, cutting the mats, matting the pictures, framing, cleaning, setting up the booth. Boy I'm getting tired just thinking about it.

My little, small part...? Sewing those slip covers. And it would have simple and easy if I wasn't such a procrastinator. Instead, I procrastinated myself into a 4am, all-nighter the night before the show. So, lesson number one {that you'd have thought I'd learned in college} don't procrastinate.

Lesson number two... when estimating the time it will take to get something done double it and add at last 1 hour. Set up took much longer than we thought it would. But then we had planned to put the super tight slipcovers on the night before. Which didn't happen 'cause when I finished a little after four in the morning I decided sleep sounded better. So we ended up doing that at the show during set up time. We got everything done just 1/2 an hour after the start of the show. Not horrible for first timers.

The last lesson of the day was the hardest. See in the picture up there the framed photo on the ground on the right side? That poor picture met it's end at this show due to a fountain of pee from a little dog. The owner, completely oblivious, walked away and I had to run after her with the dripping frame. She offered to wipe it up and did so, but then set the picture right back down in the puddle. Well, we couldn't see the picture now! I thought she'd offer to pay for it - at least cost - but she didn't. Lessoned learned - no pictures in peeing rang and watch all dogs around the booth because their owners may not be paying any attention.

At the end of the long day {9:30-7} we packed up - again taking longer than we thought. Heading home that night we were beat. But we'll do it all again on Aug. 8th and then again for two days the weekend after that. By then we'll be old pros.

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  1. besides the annoying peeing dog, was lukas encouraged? is he excited for the next show?