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Inigo Montoya

By Saturday, July 3, 2010 , ,

This morning we woke up early {for a Saturday} and after a breakfast of orange cloud pancakes we drove up to the city in search of a kitten. We got to the SF SPCA just a few minutes after they opened. Oh my, kittens and cats galore. They let us know that they were at max capacity - so if you're looking for a kitty in the Bay Area go check them out.

Inigo was the first little kitten we saw. Lukas had said before, "We can't just get the first one we see." Inigo {named Peru there} was talkative and active. We just had to stop and laugh at this antics behind the glass. He even tried to scale the glass and metal window without much luck.

We liked him at lot, but he was a "him" and we thought we'd be getting a girl. So we kept looking and there were some other cute ones. {Aren't most kittens cute?!} But none that totally grabbed us like little Iny. So we asked about the issues of getting a male instead of a female. They let us know that since they spayed him much younger than people used to {but this is standard now} he probably wouldn't spray.

We got to spend some time with him in his "condo" playing and getting to know him. Right away though, we knew he just had to come home with us. A little bit of paper work, some pet food and kitty liter later we are the proud owners of one super, duper cute kitten.

He's super friendly and not too much of a scaredy cat. Already he's feeling comfortable in our kitten proofed house. And he's doing his best to investigate all the little nooks and crannies.

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  1. He is super cute and I loooove the name!

  2. Thanks Ruth! He's totally keeping us busy.