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green garden goodness

By Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Some how I've managed not to completely kill my little garden. In the weeks leading up to the wedding I completely neglected it. I'd pretty much completely forgotten all about it.

So, when we came back from the wedding and had opened all our gifts and gotten settled again I finally remembered that I had a garden. I was quite happily surprised to find that the foot-tall pea plants that I remembered having were now over 4 feet tall. My beans had managed to get bigger despite their early bout with earwigs. The lettuce was growing strong and even a couple carrots were actually starting to grow. It was definitely a happy surprise.

Now the peas are really coming in. Last week I picked this bowl-full of them. They were so sweet and crisp right from the vine. It made me so happy to be out in the summer evening sun picking my peas. I couldn't even bring myself to cook them up for dinner they were just so tasty raw that I saved them for my lunch time snack. And on Monday I picked another bowl-full and there's even more out there now.

I'll be bummed when the peas are done growing. But for now I'm loving all the yummy garden goodness.

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