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something shinny

By Sunday, June 6, 2010 ,

Ok... I know this is NOT the post you are all waiting for. The one with lots of pictures and stories from the wedding. Instead, I'll tease you with a couple pictures of some wedding loot.

I've been thinking a lot this past couple months how without realizing it was happening I've grown up {mostly}. You know, getting married probably has something to do with that. But another step in the growing up process... grown-up pots and pans!

These came in the mail while I was down in Southern California for my good friend from the fifth grade's wedding. And... Lukas didn't tell me they came! Tonight I went to fry up our steaks for ginger steak salad {thanks PW} and I looked in the cabinet for the frying pan I usually use. I opened the cabinet where the all-clad was first but in my haste of looking for the pan I'm used to the shinny new pans didn't even register. Instead I was thinking, gosh Lukas moved everything while I was gone! But when the pan wasn't in the other cupboard I looked into the first one again. Ooooooo pretty pots and pans! It registered then.

Ok... enough about pots and pans. Next post I promise will be more exciting.

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  1. Wow, you were styled! Nothing like shiny new pans!