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do your bugs like beer?

By Saturday, May 8, 2010 ,

Now I've got "Do your ears hang low" stuck in my head. Sorry.

My little garden is in and growing. Well, it's all growing except for my poor green beans. First, they seemed to take so much longer than everything else to come up. And then this... see those nasty holes?! Some of the leaves are completely gone. I was so bummed to see this.

But, I wasn't going to let the pests win. I thought maybe it was snails so I pulled out my gardening book and read up about them. A couple nights later, armed with a flashlight I went snail hunting. But no snails... instead I found icky pincher bugs. Some of the little bean plants were completely covered in them. A quick trip inside to the book gave me a suggestion to try to get rid of the bugs - beer.

Lukas balked at my feeding the bugs our Pacifico, but that's what we had. I put a little beer in an old tin can and set it in a hole in the ground. With the dirt level to the lip of the can the earwigs could easily find their way to the beer instead of my tender plants.

And it worked! The little plants still have much to over come to actually start growing. They may be lost and I might need to replant, but I've got a leg up on the bugs now.

Here you can see lettuce, garlic, the tin with the beer and off the the side some of the peas.

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  1. Oh man! This is great! Thanks for sharing. If I weren't so fascinated with your blog...I think I might just go out and put some in my garden right now...but I can do that later...gotta get back to reading your blog! :)