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he cooks!

By Saturday, June 19, 2010 ,

While the picture doesn't prove anything... I'm telling you now, Lukas cooked this scrumptious dinner. All it took was a new set of kitchen knives to get Lukas excited/interested in cooking.

The other night he got excited looking through my stack of Everyday Food magazines. He had fun dog earing just about every other page - "mmmm, that looks good". When I commented that gosh, he was marking about everything and maybe he would want to try cooking he scoffed at me, but only momentarily. I think it sunk in that to ensure that some of this yumminess made it to the table he'd have to do the cooking. I was more than happy to say "sure!" when he said, "Well then you'll have to do the dishes."

Lukas's first menu in our new home was steak sandwiches with sautéed mushrooms and wilted spinach served on lightly toasted ciabatta rolls with grainy mustard. Veggie was roasted bell pepper with garlic and fresh basil - yum! The peppers were the highlight of the meal. The steak could have used more seasoning, but was tasty none the less. And who doesn't love sautéed mushrooms?

I, personally, rate this meal a success. And having to clean up... no big deal. Somehow, and I don't know how he did it, Lukas didn't turn the kitchen into a war zone. When I cook EVERYTHING gets dirty! I create a disaster in the kitchen, even when I try hard not to. But Lukas... it was like he hadn't even cooked. Only ONE cutting board was dirty, ONE frying pan and the plates we ate off of. Amazing I tell you, amazing!

Here's to many more man-cooked meals!

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