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By Tuesday, January 19, 2010 ,

Here we have bed sheet dress try number three. Try number two was just a remake of the pieces I'd cut out for the first version, but I actually sewed the seams with the correct seam allowance. That one fit correctly {yay!} but lacked sleeves.

So, on to try number 3. I brilliantly thought to modify the pattern to add sleeves using a 3/4 shirt that I have. Good idea in theory, but I forgot one major thing... the jersey material of the shirt stretches, bed sheet doesn't really stretch. So I sewed it up and tried to slip my arm in the sleeve - it wouldn't go in. I narrowed the sleeves over and over again until the seams were scant 1/4 and busting open in some places. Then I could finally get my arms in - kinda. They looked like tightly packed sausages. And it was hard to tell if the rest of the dress still fit because these were so far off. So, I'll be needing to cut a couple need side/sleeve pieces and try again. I will not have sausage arms at my wedding!

On the theme of sausages... {random transition} I found the yummiest sausages at Trader Joes last week - sweet apple and chicken. I got super excited when I found that they weren't in pork casings - so I could actually eat them. They cooked up into yummy sausage sandwiches with bell pepper and were extra good when paired with eggs for breakfast.

And now, to round out the topics that don't really fit together is a picture from my way home from work today. We've been hit by a big storm here this week {thunder and lightning and RAIN!}. This morning at 5:15 when I woke up for swimming just as I was rubbing the sleep from my eyes I saw a flash. Or thought I did, but wasn't quite sure so I listened for the thunder. And it came, so I got back in bed. No swimming in the lightning! I was worried though that I had just made it all up to get myself out of swimming. I had trouble falling back to sleep and then through closed eyes I saw another bright flash and heard the thunder. I went back to sleep just fine after that, knowing I hadn't made it up. The storm raged on my way to work but it broke for a bit when I went home. Enough for a beautiful sunset.

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  1. megan!! your dress is looking awesome! i kind of like the aqua flowers peaking up your hips. i really like the neckline, and the sleeve idea (not the sausage idea). what material are you thinking of for final draft? are you thinking bright white or off white? shoes? hair? nails? jewelry? underware?

  2. p.s. try to wear the bra (or similar) that you want to wear on your wedding. it's amazing what a difference the shape and placement of those "things" can change.

  3. I just checked out your blog via the pillow swap - it's a fun one! We have the same name too, mine is Megan Anne also! But I can't believe you're not allowed to have a fabric stash! Do we need to have a talk with your husband??:) Looking forward to sewing with you!