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holiday handmades

By Sunday, January 24, 2010 , , ,

Here's a quick look at a couple presents I made for the holidays. I was bad and didn't take pictures of everything I made - darn it!

For Lukas's grandma I made this apron. I really loved the sweet, feminine design when I first saw this. But I had to work to make it not to "cute-tsy" for Lukas's grandma. I found this brown fabric with Asian inspired flowers at Jo-Ann's and paired it with some matching bias tape. I kept it simple - and am happy with how it turned out. Let me tell you though... sewing on a curve and having to make sure I caught both edges of the binding all at the same time gave me quite a few headaches. The seams ending up being so small that in several places I had to re-stitch many times. It'll be a little while till I totally forget this and make one for myself. {ps. She liked it!}

For Lukas's mom I made a little boxy pouch, but no pictures to show you. I even bound all the seams on the inside - fancy! I followed a tutorial {not this one, but it's really similar} and it was a breeze to sew up. I filled it with some yummy peach-ginger tea and some maple spiced pecans.

For my mom, I made here this lunch bag. She always brings her lunch to work in a plastic shopping bag. She brings her left overs in little Tupperwares, so anything I made her had to be big enough to fit those. I used some doggie Heather Ross fabric 'cause my mom loves dogs and lined the inside with a green polka dotted laminated fabric.

For Matt's girlfriend Michelle I made a coffee cup cozy. I followed this tutorial from House on Hillroad. I used a little elastic instead of the recommended hair tie 'cause that's what I had on hand. But other wise I followed all the directions and it worked just fine. I got her a little gift card to Starbucks and put it in a clean to-go cup with the cozy on the outside {pretty much copying Erin - thanks for the good idea!}. I'll definitely have to keep this tutorial in the rotation for future gift giving. {again, no picture}

And for Lukas I made a scarf. He picked out the flannel plaid and brown fleece - he always makes good fabric choices. I sewed the two together in a long tube and turned it right side out. Then to keep the two layers together I quilted it with diamonds. They're hard to see in this picture, but it does the job and looks good too.
"It keeps my head warm this way too!"

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