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positive thinking

By Thursday, January 14, 2010

I just began reading The Secret on the train on the way home from work today {thanks SF public library reserve system!}. I'm not really sure if I totally buy into it, but it did get me thinking about the power of your thoughts and positive thinking. And then I came home and was checking blogs I like to read for updates and saw this video linked on one of them. And that made me smile and then think some more.

I love getting the random compliments - those simple, "I like your shoes", "That's a nice scarf" coming from strangers. Who cares if they're not sincere? I don't even question their sincerity. Because it's nice just to take it at face value and it makes me smile. The other day in the elevator on my way to work I complimented a woman's bag - I really liked it. She was surprised that I broke the code of elevator silence - but she smiled wide, said thanks, and continued to smile for the rest of the ride. It's just as fun to be the one giving the random compliments - spreading smiles.

And... those are my deep thoughts for this Thursday evening.

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