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making :: everyday skirt with a pocket surprise

By Friday, February 12, 2016 , ,

This was one of those projects that, start to finish, took me much longer than it should have. And then, of course, I procrastinated getting it photographed and blogged...
But that slow pace, while certainly typical, is not any indication of how much I love this skirt.

What's not to like about it? It has a comfy elasticized back with a grownup flat-fronted waistband. Pockets that hit at just the right spot and are perfectly sized for stuffing my hands. There a just a few pattern pieces to cut. The sewing is simple and straight forward. Really, this skirt has a lot going for it.

I had just enough bright teal pipping leftover from this project to add it to the pockets. Where, on the geranium dress, the pipping was the perfect shade to blend in while providing just a little bit of pop at the seem line, here the pipping became the focal feature. Just the right amount of pizzaz against the light gray of the main fabric. Even more fun? The pocket surprise... soft teal herringbone flannel. You might catch a glimpse of it when I'm wearing a skirt, but really it's a hidden little secrete just for fun.

everyday skirt

On almost all of the seems, I finished them by sewing french seems. I love the way this really finishes the skirt and makes it feel professional. I even noticed my store bought flannel nightshirt is finished the same way. Totally professional! But I did say "almost all of the seems". Where I didn't do the nice finishing was on the pocket seems and I'm disappointed that I didn't do the french seems here as well. I pinked them, but that really doesn't lend any professional finishing flair to the project.

The one other thing I would change next time I sew this up (there totally will be a next time!) will be some sizing adjustments. I cut and sewed a medium based on my measurements. When it came time to custom fit the elastic waistband I ended up with quite a bit of extra fabric on the backside. There was more than enough ease to get the skirt on. The extra, unnecessary fabric creates a bit of poofiness on the back which no one wants. It's pretty minimal and doesn't make the skirt unwearable but it does mean I'll be doing something different next time around. Maybe that will be slashing an inch or so out of the middle of the medium sized back skirt pattern piece or maybe I'll just try using the small pattern piece in its place. I really do like the way the front fits and the pockets hit at the perfect spot so I wouldn't want to mess that up. Any thoughts on the best way?

everyday skirt

Now that it's blogged I can call this project finished! Just in time for a finish it up Friday. All the project details are below.
Happy sewing!

Pattern :: Everyday Skirt by Oliver + S
:: Kaufman Chambray - though I can't recall the specific color
:: Shetland Flannel - Ocean by Robert Kaufman

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  1. So cute Megan! I love all your sewing projects!

    1. Thanks Ruby! You've got some great sewing skills too.

  2. I love this skirt! And brilliant soft inside pockets just for you :)
    Maybe you could add two darts to the back under the waistband? That way you still have enough fullness in case you need it for the posterior ;) I know I do!!

    1. Not a bad idea, Lori. How do you go about getting the darts in the right place when the waistband is gathered by the elastic?