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a little bit of :: exploding kittens

By Monday, September 28, 2015 , ,

exploding kittens
Aba plays

My folks were in town about a month ago for my mom's high school reunion and they rented a great little Air B&B just up the road from us.  It was perfect for some hanging out and had a nice little view of the city.  

We got a chance to play Exploding Kittens for the first time... and it was a hit.  Quickly, strategies were discovered and intense mind games followed.  Just about everyone's favorite card was the "nope!".  I had the camera out for just a bit to capture some of the fun after I'd been exploded out of the game.  But it wasn't long until the next round was starting. 

exploding kittens
a fun game was had

exploding kittens
my beautiful mom || a pair of hairy potato cats

exploding kittens
my dad

exploding kittens
Lukas is sneaky while placing an exploding kitten card back in the deck

exploding kittens
somebody might have just exploded!

...bits of random

:: we found a new hiking spot near our house and ventured out to catch the super moon/eclipse only to reach the view and find the eastern sky blocked with low clouds.  Instead, we watched from the backyard.

:: on Saturday we bowled with my brother and his wife(!!).  I won high game - with 4 strikes in a row.  But that was an anomaly.  The guys won everything else.  P.S. when did bowling get so expensive?!

:: we pulled out the NSFW version of Exploding Kittens for Matt and Michelle.  It was just as fun... 

:: Lukas started at a new company today.  Just a few more rotations till he turns out.

:: Inigo's new trick is leaping from the couch, going just under the lamp shade of the light on the side table, and landing gracefully on this kitty tower.  Considering how ungraceful he can be at times, this is quite impressive.   

Other little bits of my life...