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bright ocean :: loud kitty {mosaic challenge}

By Tuesday, May 19, 2015 , ,

bright ocean :: mosaic challenge
bright ocean
I just couldn't help myself. As much as I may bemoan my inability to pick out fabrics in a timely fashion, it's one of my favorite parts of sewing. So challenge posted... challenge accepted!

I've been on a 'various shades of blue' kick lately. I love them all together, with the variations it can't help but feel like cool waters. This grouping reminds me of the layers of different blues in the ocean.  I grew up going to the beach in northern California - those grey-blue waters I knew well. When I was in high school I went to summer camp that took us all along the more southern coast of the state. I remember calling my parents from a pay-phone on the road and exclaiming how I'd never seen such BLUE water.

Ok, I really couldn't help myself... here's a second fabric mosaic...

loud kitty :: mosaic challenge
loud kitty

This one is just for fun. Well, they both are, but this one I didn't feel as strong about as a group of fabrics. Still, it makes me happy seeing the lions with the striped kitties. The coral with the teal is also a fun, loud combination.  And I've got my own 'loud kitty' and that makes me smile.  

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  1. Beautiful! Did you think of the names 'loud kitty' and 'bright ocean'? Their great!

  2. i agree with Ruby, your names are awesome! and what a fun way to play with fabrics!

  3. They are both fun! Good luck in the contest!