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lil' bean :: quick change trousers

By Monday, March 23, 2015 , , , ,

lil' bean :: quick change trousers

I think I could spend forever in the fabric store making and unmaking decisions about which fabrics to buy.  At times, nothing seems right and then again everything seems right.  Around and around I walk in circles and the same thing going on in my mind.  Oh why is it so hard to make a decision?

For these, I really wanted to use the green flannel I had on hand but the question was what to pair it with.  I had pulled the bolt of baby whale corduroy in navy.  I liked it, but couldn't decide.  Would it be too many lines when paired with the plaid flannel?  I held the two against each other, trying to decide.  The bolt went back on the shelf, then I pulled it back out again still trying to make up my mind.  Tell me I'm not the only one that does this!

The final decision ended up being classic blue denim.  Every new little guy could use a cozy pair of flannel lined jeans.  I can't type 'flannel lined jeans' without thinking of LL Bean.  So, in honor of that these became lil' bean pants.  A double play on words since they're for a little bean too.

Again, I used the quick change trousers pattern from Anna Maria Horner's book.  It's such a simple and straight forward sew.  Quick and rewarding - the best kind.  Plus, the backside and the cuffs get to show off the flannel plaid.  There was a little bit of laughing about lumberjacks at the baby shower   and I think these would probably make great lumberjack pants.

lil' bean :: quick change trousers

small but mighty :: onesie

For the shower we were instructed to bring a decorated onesie, bib, etc. that represented you and the mom was going to guess who each was from.  The mom is a good friend of mine from CalPoly, so immediately I knew I wanted to make something with bacteria on it.  The little saying, 'small but mighty' popped into my head since that describes both bacteria and babies.  The bacteria weren't exactly obvious though and the mom thought 'small but mighty' was referring to one of the shorter ladies there.  There were lots of laughs during the guessing and more than a little bit of blaming 'mommy brain' when the mom couldn't quite figure things out.

lil' bean :: quick change trousers

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