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By Saturday, February 22, 2014 , ,

Paper!  Some how it doesn't seem like there should be so much of it.  Yet there it is, coming in daily by stacks and stacks.  It really does pile up rather quickly into leaning towers of oddly shaped sheets.  They build and build becoming a daunting mess of clutter and ever increasing lack of desire to sort through.  A file cabinet, however unexciting and most certainly ugly looking, was much in order.

Pursing craigslist prior to the move yielded some acceptable options at reasonable prices but all were file cabinets and therefore most uninteresting to say the least.  Besides, why buy furniture right before a move?  That would just be crazy.  Pandering to our lazy ways paid off this time when the house we bought came with this file cabinet left in the garage.

Now, this was not even among the somewhat decent looking ones we saw on the internet classifieds but for free the price was right.  It only took some gloved spraying down with bleach, lots of scrubbing and sanding, and several coats of blue spray paint.  The ever so slight morning breeze caught the tiny droplets of paint.  It blew them off target and onto me where they clung to the fine hairs on my skin.  Most notably, my neck, arms and face became a pale shade of blue.  Not so blue as one might obviously recognize that I had been painting.  No, this blue quite perfectly made me look just a little bit off.  Seeing me - and people did since I had to run back to the store for more paint - one might think, "She doesn't look too healthy.  I wonder what condition she has!"  

A full week later and I've still got little speckles of paint stuck to me.  The file cabinet is cleaned and prettied up though, sitting waiting to be filed.  My desire to sort through those stacks of paper has not increased in the slightest.  Instead, I'm just happy to sit and look at my handiwork.  Best get to filling it and tackling the rest of the ever growing to-do list for the house.

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  1. Nice job...Smurf.

    Uncle Dick

  2. The cabinet looks beautiful, I love that color! I also love your blog- I keep going through the archives for more. Keep up the fantastic work (: