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By Sunday, February 9, 2014 ,

This week…

:: we pulled out all the ductwork and put in new ourselves

:: the kitty had a trip to the {super nice new} vet for some nasty tasting medicine

:: Lukas had his last week at Cupertino Electric

:: I got some flowers for Shabbat from my dad via Lukas - they make a good team

:: the brisket turned out awesome {Smitten Kitchen for the win again} - well worth the walk in the rain - and it smelled good all day while we were up in the attic

:: it rained and rained and I was happy

:: the defroster on the car decided to fog up the window instead of defog it - that made for a hectic drive home from Home Depot.  Lukas wiped while I drove the car which didn't have space for one more box of ductwork.

:: we laughed at my great "that's what she said" moment when discussing ductwork sizes and their difficulty

:: we hung out with Jeff for some Olympics viewing and gin & tonics drinking - so great that he lives just down the street.  {Though it'll be even more fun when his wife is back from adventures in Greece - I bet Jeff agrees!}

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