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cloud burst :: noodlehead super tote

By Thursday, December 5, 2013 , ,

I've got a list two miles long of sewing projects waiting for my attention.  But somehow everything on that list is either too big, too hard, too boring, etc. to make it off the list and to my sewing machine.  Instead, here and there, I pick up an entirely new project that wasn't even on the list at all.

I "needed" a new bag for some cross-country travels so I bought myself a copy of noodlehead's super tote.  I'd been eyeing the pattern and after making a gathered clutch {also by noodlehead} I was betting the super tote pattern would be a winner too.  But the thing was, I didn't start sewing this until the day before I was set to leave.  That meant two things... {1} it didn't actually get done - though the outside did and {2} I didn't have time to buy any fabric specific to this project.  Due to #2 this became an effort in stash raiding and squeaking by.

Except for the fabrics that make up the front pocket, all the fabrics were bought with other projects in mind.  Other projects which just so happened to be on that 2 mile long list.  Instead, I co-opted the fabric.  For the lining, I used a quilters linen {I think} and just barely had enough.  The strap lining required some piecing of a strip that hard already been cut for another project.   Close, but just enough.  With limited fabric available I chose to only have pockets on one side of the inner bag.

The outer front pocket was done quilt-as-you-go style with pieces of fabric  from a couple sample packets from Maze & Vale.    I had gotten the sample packs on a whim a little bit ago and was so glad that I did.  I was careful with my piecing and cutting to get the most out of these precious handprinted fabrics.  The colors and tones played quit nicely with the Heather Ross roses.  With another nod to using what you have and a way to include one of my very first favorite fabrics, the outer pocket is lined with some Heather Ross Mendocino.  This, stolen from a pillow case I made years ago that was never the right shape.

I used left over scraps from this hat for the outer side panels.  I just squeaked by there as well.  The piping was a left over too and just the right contrast pop.  I bought the zipper to match the piping {and some craft fuse} from Joanns.  I can trust that store for those things, but cute fabrics… not so much.  Craft fuse {instead of interfacing alone} with the heavy weight main fabric turned this into quite a sturdy bag.

This super tote is pretty super and I'm proud of my work.  It's become my go-to bag for to and from work.  Perfect for folders with lots of papers.  The inner pockets keep my phone and keys and wallet corralled.  I slip my transit card in the front pocket for easy access.  The straps are the perfect length for over my shoulder and the recessed zipper keeps everything tucked in.  

I won't be hurt if you skipped over all this text and went straight to the pictures below.  I know, I just want to stare at the pictures.

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  1. I love it! The fabric choices are delightful.

    I just made one with canvas interlining and it's insanely sturdy, but I had a super tough time topstitching the top at the very end. It's really chunky and I have a few skipped stitches. I am making another for a Christmas present, and I bought drill cloth to use for interlining. I will check out the craft fuse -- I don't know what that is.

  2. Oh!! It is fabulous, I absolutely love it!! Thanks so much for taking the time to send me the link :)