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By Thursday, December 12, 2013 ,

I am...

{feeling} excited and nervous all at once.

{enjoying} the heavy rain we had about a week ago now already.

{loving} a new tote bag and a case for a new toy.

{remembering} to write lists and lists and lists. So many lists.

{thinking} about new kitchens and lighting and learning.

{wondering} which we should buy first - a miter saw or a circular saw?

{hoping} the next week or so goes smoothly.

{anticipating} being busy for the rest of our lives.

{listening} more Mumford & Sons. It's so good.

{watching} the Sons of Anarchy season finale. And staying up too late to do so.

{saying} everything in a deep, throaty whisper.  Sore throats are no fun.

{inspired by} home remodels on interest.

{thankful} that most days, most of my pain is gone.

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  1. I'm guessing you are close to buying a house. Look forward to hearing more. Happy Holidays!