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sew baby boy {huck finn}

By Thursday, October 18, 2012 , ,

huck fin

His big sister got a quilt {and lots of other goodies too} so that meant this soon-to-be-born little boy would need a quilt too.  Except, when I told Lukas I was going to make a quilt Lukas informed me that "a quilt is kinda boring".  Then he suggested I make a hat.  So, what's a girl to do?  Except make both!

I went with the Huck Finn cap from Sew Liberated.  This hat is so darling and in the smallest size {6-12 months} it's so tiny.  I spent the longest time in Harts picking out the fabrics.  First I had a rusty brown fabric picked out for the outer fabric, but I couldn't find a lining fabric to go with it.  At least not one I loved.  So I switched tactics and picked the lining first.  Awesome alligators!  

The pattern was easy to follow and I made sure to take my time with it.  I was a bit confused about the last step of stitching down the elastic, but in the end I think it worked out fine.    

The quilt fabrics just jumped off the shelf - fun blue prints - monsters, dinosaurs, and vikings!  They looked awesome paired with some quilter linens.  And the cozy brown minky for the backside had me wishing this was going to be my quilt.  My plan was to not use binding on the quilt, but Lukas {rightly} convinced me it'd look so much better with binding.  Then it was about 1/2 a day spent in Joann's trying to decide on the binding color.  Good thing Lukas was just a text away and suggested red - it was the right decision.

All wrapped up with a little onesie card.  So fun to sew for a new little baby.
quilt all wrapped up

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  1. Thanks so much for all your hard work Megan!! I LOVE both of these!! You are one talented lady on that sewing machine : )

  2. This is all so cute Megan! I LOVE that hat!!!

  3. Lovely quilt!! How did you like working with the minky on the background? I was at Hancocks and wanted to buy some for a quilt!! Did you use batting?? I also LOVE the onesie card!!! Did you make it?

    1. Thanks! Working with the minky isn't too bad. It does tend to get everywhere when you cut it. It also is a bit challenging as it likes to stretch as you're sewing it. I use lots of pins and go slowly. For quilts I've done with minky I haven't used batting. I like the way the quilt stays nice and floppy that way.

      Yep, made the onesie card. I had the tiny clothes pins and wanted to make a card so I could use them.