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stories within stories :: 5 minute project

By Tuesday, September 10, 2013 ,

I like... the way words look on the page.  Left justified, all lined up.  Each letter shaped just so.  And I like how each letter builds a word and each word a story.  I like how the best stories are the stories within the stories.  How, when the character in the story says, "Let me tell you a story."  That's when I know, "now we're getting to the good part."

That's what I want my photography to be.  All about the stories within the stories.  There are photographers out there who make this look easy {inspiration} when it is anything but.  But that's what practice is for, right?  A 365 project, started and restarted and then restarted again.  Practice.

In the round-about way of the internet I landed on the 5 Minute Project.  A personal project, turned inspiration and challenge.  Documenting five minutes of your daily life.  Perfect for practice.  So, I sent in an email saying I'd love to play along - a long shot for getting to be included in the blog, but good practice either way.  And then I heard back from Dana and she was asking me to join!  Little ol' me in with all the other real photographers!  

For the rest of the story... 5 minute project.  Thanks cousins, for being my 5 minute subjects.  I'll take sunny, relaxing days with free pedicures and lots of hanging out with you guys any time!

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  1. you are totally a "real" photographer!! congrats megan! we'll trade photos for hanging out with you any time!!! xo your cousins