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By Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Treasure Island

This year is speeding towards being 1/4 done already.  And though I might not be writing here with any kind of regularity, I still am working on my goal of capturing the memories of this year.  In weekly summaries {for myself} I've recorded the trips we've taken, times we've gone to the vet, times spent with friends, money spent maintaining the car, and sunsets, sunrises and T.V. shows watched.  I keep a working document in google drive - adding notes as the week progresses and writing all up at the end.  

And, I want to shout it out loud but whisper it at the same time {just so that I don't jinx things}, I've kept up with my 365 project this year.  I've made a conscious effort to stay inspired.  I've looked for photographers who's pictures capture my imagination.  Their documentary, storytelling styles  are something I hope to emulate.  And I've been practicing just that - getting more portraits {even of me} and pictures that set the scene.  And ones that, by using the light I have tell the story of that moment.  It's tricky, but I'll keep trying.

Here are a few photographers that I've found to keep my inspired:

Twin Peaks
San Mateo

Other little bits of my life...


  1. you're so inspiring megan! i can't wait to check our your list of who inspires you!

  2. I'm a terrible commentor because I rarely take the time to slow down and leave a comment. BUT, I hope that you know that I visit your blog regularly to see the beautiful photographs that you take and see the world through you eyes. I promise to try to be a better commentor. A better encourager. A better appreciator of the fine art of daily life that you caputure so beautifully.